Library Stile

Ideas & Inspiration for School Libraries

fullsizeoutput_2bc5I believe the library is the heart of the school. It’s not the back of the knee, an ear lobe, or another extremity. It’s the pulse and the lifeblood of the school. I am continually searching for inspiration to make my school library program stronger, propelling it into the future, creating longevity, and impacting students for a lifetime.

Here’s what I know. As a librarian, I have the power to impact the reading attitudes, tastes, and abilities of each student in my building. As a librarian, I have the power to be a go-to person in my building, a team player, a key player. As a librarian, I am willing to try new things, take on new challenges, so that I can grow. As a librarian, I work to do what is best for my students and my school.

I have my own style that I’ve developed after 19 years in education, which makes my library the community that it is. Library Stile is a way for me to share my ideas and experiences and to lend my voice to the conversation on the importance of school libraries, of reading, and connecting kids with books. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and continuing to learn from all of the amazing school librarians and educators out there. I am a better librarian because of countless numbers of you who inspire me daily.


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