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Want to easily show administration, faculty, parents and community members that your school library is a rockin’ place? An infographic will do the trick. During a district professional development recently, I showed my fellow librarians how to use Piktochart to create their own infographic. I saw this idea on a #futurereadylibs chat.

We discussed the importance of actively promoting our libraries and helping our communities understand how valuable our school libraries are. As a librarian, you have to tell your library’s story. If you’re not telling it, then who is?

What do you want to share about your library?

  • Show growth
    • Think about what library reports you can access that will show a comparison between last year and this year.
      • Total number of books
      • Monthly, yearly circulations
      • Number of books in a certain section (particularly if that section was an area that was specifically updated)
  • Show student usage of the library
    • My students sign in the library using a Google Form. I can easily access that spreadsheet and determine an average weekly usage.
    • Number of books checked out by grade level
  • Show usage of digital content
    • ebooks, digital audiobooks accessed/ checked out
    • devices checked out
  • Show your impact
    • number of classes taught
    • number of professional development sessions led
    • number of special events

These are just a few ideas. It’s your library. It’s your story, so include what you want.

Making the Infographic

I used Piktochart to create my library’s infographic.

  • I created a free account.
  • Create new- Infographic.
  • Choose a template. Here’s the template I chose.
    Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.48.12 AM


  • Modify in any way to suit your needs. I used my school’s colors and included a picture of a mural in our library. I deleted aspects and added others. Everything is clickable and changeable. Anything you create can be accessed later in your Piktochart dashboard.


Share your story!

Get the word out in a variety of ways!

  • Add the image to your library’s website
  • Send it to your administration, PTO
  • Include it in a newsletter or email announcements to families
  • Print it and display it in the halls.
  • Tweet it!

Be proud of what’s happening in your library and put it out there for all to see. This is a simple way to illustrate the strength of the library’s pulse. Is it strong? Does it need a shock?

This also helps you visualize the overall health of your library program and set future goals. I can look at my infographic and know I need to create more awareness of our digital content. My school is growing, and in order to keep the items/ student count, I need to buy more books next year, which I’m happy to do. However, I also know that our district significantly cut the budget for each school. We have more students and less money. I’m sure that’s a familiar story. My infographic helps me plan ways I can show growth next year, and it helps me dream about what I show and share next year.

Happy infographic-making!


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