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Ideas & Inspiration for School Libraries

IMG_9612Have your oldest students help your youngest students get to know their new school library by creating book marks that share a favorite book. This gives your graduating class a chance to reminisce about the books they read during their time at your school and to share a heart felt recommendation for their favorite book. Your incoming class will love exploring the many wonderful messages and recommendations left behind by former students. This immerses your new students immediately in the culture of reading and sharing books, and it helps them feel welcome in their new library. 



BookLove Legacy bookmark template (I used card stock.)

Art supplies: scissors, markers, pens, pencils, sharpies


15-30 minutes


May 2018 Library Day



Students enjoyed thinking about that one book from their middle school years that really shines. They took pride in sharing their reading legacies, and the end result is I now have a wide variety of books to share with our new students and a special way to bring my newest and youngest readers into the fold of our thriving reading culture. The message? Here, we share and we connect through our reading. The journey at your new school and in your new library begins today, and it’s my goal to help you love reading for a lifetime, and someday, I can’t wait to see the book from our library that you choose to share as your reading legacy.  

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